Thinking about taking a stroller to Disneyland? These Disneyland stroller tips should help make the whole thing easier. Let’s be honest, the stroller can be as much of a burden as it is a help!

Disneyland stroller tips

Now, we’ve talked before on this blog about strollers at Disney. You can see my other article about whether or not you should take a stroller on your Disney vacation here. But these stroller tips assume that you’ve already decided you’re taking a stroller to Disneyland.

Now, it’s pretty straightforward. If you’re a parent you’re probably already an expert dragging your stroller from place to place and maneuvering around crowds. Have the stroller is handy for naps, and a great way to avoid carrying a diaper bag and other annoying kid-related gear.

Is every stroller allowed in Disneyland?

Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World have restrictions about stroller sizes. Don’t fret, most single or non-side by side double strollers are within the guidelines, but if you’re unsure make sure you familiarize yourself with Disneyland’s stroller rules.

Tips for going through Disneyland security with a stroller

Before you reach the security portal at Disneyland’s entrance, have everything removed from the stroller. Cast members need to check your bags, including the diaper bag. If you’ve been through airport security there isn’t much difference here. It does really help speed things up if you’re as ready as possible when you get to the checkpoint, though.

There are walk-through metal detectors and a separate opening for strollers. Only those over 14 are subject to additional screening, so we had the 10 year old push the stroller through the opening while the adults went through the metal detectors.

Can I take my stroller everywhere in Disneyland?

Sort of. There aren’t many places where you can’t bring you stroller (except on rides, we’ll get to that) but there are many places where you might not want to. Stores especially have tight turns that can be tough with a loaded stroller, especially when crowded. Restaurants, too, aren’t great places to bring a stroller inside.

When boarding any kind of Disneyland transportation, including the train and monorail, your stroller can come along as long as its folded up. If you plan to return to your destination you can also leave the stroller in a parking area and return to it later.

Can I take my stroller in line for rides at Disneyland?

Nope. Strollers can’t be brought in line for rides, which can be quite tough if you’re queing for family friendly rides that have long lines, like Peter Pan’s Flight. You can leave your stroller at a nearby stroller parking location, but that still leaves you with figuring out what to do with the child that was inside.

If you’re at Disneyland with an infant and you aren’t using rider switch on a thrill ride, you’ll have to hold your little one while you wait in line. One way to make this easier is by bringing a baby sling or soft carrier, like an Ergo or Tula, to put baby in when you go on rides together.

If you’re travelling with toddlers or preschoolers who don’t need to be carried but might need something while you’re in line or on the ride, and especially if you have a baby, make sure you have a seperate backpack that you can grab and take with you that has these essentials. (Snacks, water, pacifier, wipes, etc.)

Should I bring my own stroller to Disneyland?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is maybe. Bringing your own stroller to Disneyland saves money and is a lot more comfortable in the parks. You’ll know how to use it, how it folds, and be an expert at maneuvering that thing.

If you’re bringing an infant that you want to use with a carseat travel system (or have a stroller that lays flat) or you have one of those sit and stand options for your older kids, the rented strollers are definitely not a good choice.

On the other hand, renting is super convenient. No need to haul your own stroller into the park and the Disneyland strollers are perfectly sized with high weight limits. They’re not cheap. In fact, if you’re staying for several days and don’t own or didn’t bring a stroller, it might be cheaper to buy one from Target.

The last option is buying a stroller at the park, but they’re not the best quality so I wouldn’t recommend it. Great if that suits your needs though!

What is stroller parking at Disneyland?

Stroller parking is the designated parking areas Disney has created for strollers so you can do things like ride rides or shop with your family. By having dedicated stroller parking, it eliminates strollers being left just anywhere and crowding walking paths and other spaces.

Disneyland stroller parking is located in multiple places around the park, so check the map for the nearest ones. Chances are you can just look around and see one, though, since they’re so common and conveniently located.

What happens if I don’t use the stroller parking at Disneyland?

I think most parents are guilty of this at least once. Even if you think the spot you left your stroller in was fine, there might be some reason for it not to be there. Parades are a pretty common reason, but really, staff want you to use the dedicated stroller parking areas.

If you leave your stroller unattended in a place that isn’t a stroller parking area a Disneyland cast member might just relocate it for you.

How to find a missing stroller in Disneyland

If you didn’t use stroller parking, and sometimes even when you do, you might return to find you stroller isn’t where you left it. First of all, don’t panic. It’s most likely nearby.

Cast members regularly rearrange the stroller parking to fit more strollers and free up space. Look around and see if your stroller hasn’t just been reorganized. If you still can’t find it, look for the nearest Cast Member. Usually one is “manning” the stroller parking, so it should be easy to find someone who can help. Sometimes they move some strollers to another stroller parking area that’s less congested, so that might have happened.

If you didn’t use the stroller parking, well, try the nearest one first. If your stroller isn’t there, then ask a cast member and let them know where your stroller was left. Chances are someone moved it recently and can help you track it down.

How to keep your stroller safe at Disneyland

Grand theft stroller isn’t a common issue, but there’s still some things you can do to make sure nothing happens to yours. First of all, make sure you snap some photos of your stroller from different angles. That way if it gets lost, or even just moved, it’s easy to show to cast members to help find it.

If you have a popular model or brand of stroller, consider customizing it in a way that makes yours easy to spot. Attaching something like a ribbon or tag to it is a good way to do this. You should also put your name somewhere on the stroller permanently, like with marker, in case there’s any kind of dispute on ownership.

You can’t really lock your stroller up in Disneyland, so if you bring a very expensive stroller remember that you will be leaving it unattended if you want to ride any rides together as a family.

Be stroller smart with your kid inside

That means making sure you don’t forget to check on the kid riding in the stroller. No, not just to see if they’re OK, but also to monitor how the California weather is affecting them. Most sunshades on strollers don’t cover the entire child, so make sure you apply sunscreen throughout the day. Likewise, sunglasses or eye protection might be helpful, and be sure to check that you haven’t sat the stroller (with baby inside) in direct sunlight.

Don’t use a blanket or cover over the stroller, either. It can get hot inside very quickly!

Finally, just generally keep an eye on your kid. We’re all doing our best, but I personally have a few escape artists on my hands who like to unbuckle themselves and try and escape. I know someone who had their leg broken as a child from half climbing out of the stroller and the pusher not noticing before moving on.

Other Disneyland stroller tips

  • Don’t leave valuables in your stroller when you have it in stroller parking
  • Always use the designated stroller parking
  • Be courteous; when waiting with your stroller try to tuck it out of the way
  • When viewing parades and fireworks, arrive early so you can get a spot with the stroller
  • During congested times, go with the flow of traffic and don’t stop (cast members may direct traffic, and if not, keep to the right)
  • Don’t stop your stroller in the middle of walkways or doorways
  • Try to be courteous of your stroller’s placement when shopping
  • Don’t let someone who’s not capable of pushing the stroller effectively (like other children) to push it, especially in crowded areas
  • Never leave your child unattended while in the stroller!

With a little bit of planning you can make bringing a stroller to Disneyland an enjoyable part of the experience!