Have you ever thought to yourself “I have thousands of dollars laying around that I want to spent on the Disney Store”? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Make sure you sign up for the D23 club before buying any of the products farther down this list so you can get that sweet sweet discount. None of the these are crazy expensive or impractical at all. Promise.

Ariel ”Fathoms Below” Giclée by John Rowe – $794.50

This fine art reproduction is one of 195 produced. It’s numbered and framed nicely… But that’s a big chunk of change for an art print (even if it’s pretty awesome).

Check it out here

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse ”Partners” Figure by Arribas Brothers – $950

A reproduction of the iconic statue this figure is a limited edition of 2000. Of course, Mickey is made of authentic Swaovski crystal stones to really step up the wow factor. Don’t go crazy though: there’s a limit of 2 on the website.

This isn’t even the most expensive crystal statue either – they top off around $1500.

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Anna Figurine by Arribas Brothers – $1950

This one is a limited edition run of 100 and features real stone. The base is marbel a natural rock crystals on top and the entire statue is cast in bronze. The website says each piece is an induvidual work of art. If you’re wondering what kind of person would spend almost 2 grand on this look at the reviews.

Check it out here

Elsa Figurine by Arribas Brothers – $1950

Same deal as Anna only with more reviews. By the sounds of things these statues are actually really nice and weigh quite a lot (50+ lbs). I personally think Elsa is cooler but there’s no way you can just get one sister so really it’s like a 4 grand investment…

Check it out here

Walt Disney World Crystal Unity Vase with Gold by Arribas Brothers – $3,750

You know that trope where someone on TV breaks the really expensive vase? This is that vase. There are only 25 in the run apparently of these hand blown eco friendly lead free crystal vases. Phew, that’s a mouthful. That gold band is 24 karat and hand gilded on there, in case you were concerned anything less would be on your pristine vase. What do you do with a $3,750 vase anyway? Do people put flowers in these things? There’s also a round vase if that’s more your style.

Check it out here

Mickey Mouse Figure Earrings – $2,875

“Oh wow Samantha where did you get those fabulous earings?” “The Disney Store of all places!” “Wow, they’re awesome and not tacky at all!” Dazzle all the moms at the PTA meeting or show your Mickey love in your favourite upscale resturaunt with these platinum Mickey earrings. And to complete your terrible taste combo make sure to grab the matching necklace.

Check it out here

Mickey Mouse Icon Diamond Heart Necklace – $8,075

Nothing quite says I love you like a a heart shaped necklace made out of mickey ears. Of course, the 8k price tag is a surefire way to really drive that point home. For the Disney lover who frequents upscale events or lives in a mugging-fre neighbourhood. Of course its 14kt. gold and 36 diamonds.

Check it out here

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Limited Edition Figurine by Arribas Brothers – $9,500

The only Mickey and Minnie Mouse figure you should grace your home with features 30,000 hand-set Swarvoski crystal stones and is one of a 188 limited edition. Apparently it’s called “romance at the park” which is aptly chosen due it it costing about the same amount as buying an actual park.

Check it out here

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle Sculpture by Arribas Brothers – $37,500

This is by far the most expensive product on the Disney Store website. Sure, it’s one of 50 and features 28,225 Swarovski crystals bit words cannot begin to describe how ridiculous of a purchase this would be for the average consumer. Thankfully for you, a select group of geniuses have tried. Make sure you check out the reviews because each and every one is pure gold.

Check it out here but remember there’s a limit of 10 so you better prioritize your Christmas shopping.

(Oh and if for some reason you can’t afford this one there’s a much more pathetic mini version priced at just $6,800.)