When you visit the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World you see color. You see whimsy. You see the Disney magic we all come to expect from a Disney park. But underneath it all there’s something you don’t see… Some behind the scenes action to make the magic really come to life.

Walt Disney World’s Secret Underground Tunnels

Standing on the bright cobblestone you’d never realize that you’re actually on the second floor. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is actually a marvel of (somewhat) modern engineering. It’s home to one of the world’s largest examples of a utilidor system. Better known as “Walt Disney World’s Secret Underground Tunnels”.

Utilidor, short for utility corridor, is a series of utility tunnels used to make the Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom more effective. This system of tunnels is a lot less glamourous than the park above but vital to its success.

mk-tunnels-largeSo what do they use the Walt Disney World’s Secret Underground Tunnels utilidor for?

  • Shortcuts for cast members
  • Deliveries and storage
  • Electronic systems
  • Waste removal
  • Food prep and kitchens are located in there
  • Cast member breakrooms and lockers
  • Medical emergencies

Up until 2005 the costuming department was located inside the utilidor. Now over 1.2 million costumes call a building in the cast member parking lot home.

How was the Walt Disney World’s Secret Underground Tunnels Utilidor constructed

The utilidor was actually constructed at ground level. Then dirt from the Seven Seas Lagoon was piled over top to create the foundation for the park. So anytime you’re walking in the Walt Disney World’sMagic Kingdom you’re actually an entire story up.

An urban legend floats around online that Walt Disney created the utilidor system in Walt Disney World after seeing a cowboy from Frontierland walk through Tomorrowland on his way into Disneyland.

Learn more

If you’re interested in learning more about the Walt Disney World utilidor system there is an adults only tour available for $100 USD.