If you want to get yourself some more Disney emojis (or stickers) on your smartphone you’re going to have to play the game Disney Emoji Blitz. Disney Emoji Blitz is free to play and everything can be unlocked without spending a dime. Still, it takes forever and you’re probably going to want to make that grind for your favourite character just a bit easier.

The Basics

The gameplay is simple enough: match 3 emoji in a row and they’ll clear. Larger groups or chains will earn your more points. You have just 60 seconds to clear as much as you can.

An unlocked emoji of your choosing will help you with character-specific special moves. These can be used after you clear a certain amount of that same character’s emojis on the screen. Tap the character to use this move.

There is also the blitz metre which fills up as you play well. Once it’s full you’ll automatically go into blitz mode which gives you a scoring bonus.

Free to Play Hooks

Each time you play a round it consumes one heart. You can hold up to 5 hearts at any time and they take 10 minutes to recharge. Run out of hearts and you’ll have to wait in order to play again.

There are also 2 types of currency: coins and gems. Gems can be used to extend game play time, purchase special boxes, use power ups, buy hearts, reset cool down, and other things like that. They are sometimes awarded as prizes but mainly cost real-world money. They are not required.

Coins, on the other hand, are earned through game play. Expect to get between 100-200 coins in an average 1 minute game early on. These can be used to purchase power ups or, most importantly, to open boxes.

Boxes cost 15,000 or 30,000 coins to open. Inside is a chance to get one of the many emoji featured in either the silver or gold boxes. Beware: you can get duplicates. These will level up that character, so it’s not all bad, but it’s definitely frustrating.

There are also diamond boxes which contain limited edition timed emoji. You can only open these with gems. The timed emoji can also be found (randomly) inside the gold boxes.

Missions and leveling up

Leveling up increases the amount of bonus you earn through blitz mode. Leveling up each character also increases their scoring power or special move.

There are also daily challenges to complete with specific emoji. If you don’t have the ones, or enough of the ones, listed on each challenge you’re not able to complete it for that day.

To level up you must also complete missions. For each level there are several tasks to complete ranging from using a power up to earning a certain score and lots in between. Completing the easy ones early on so the cumulative ones can work as you play.


Earning More Stickers/Emoji

Every time you unlock a new character from one of the boxes you’ll be granted them, and a selection of faces, in your sticker or emoji list for your phone.

There are also items that appear at random. Collect them by moving the item to the bottom of the screen. Once you collect enough you’ll unlock it on your item sheet and it will also appear in your phone’s emoji list. Collecting all the items in a set will unlock the next one so keep playing.

Sometimes holidays or events will bring out special edition items or characters. Collect these as quick as possible since they’re only around for a limited time!


  • Popping the balloons will earn you extra coins
  • Complete the daily challenges early on
  • Log in to the game frequently – sometimes there’s special rewards and you can spin the bonus wheel twice a day
  • Don’t waste your coins on power ups unless it’s for a mission and remember that used power ups can stay selected so make sure you turn them off for next time
  • To score big, swipe the star power up with a sun or cloud
  • If you’re going to use power ups, combine them for the best results (time + score, for example)

Now that you’ve unlocked new emoji and stickers check out this post to see how to enable them.