It something no parent wants to think about but everyone should be prepared for. What should you do if you get separated from your child at Disneyland or Walt Disney World? The parks are so crowded, especially during and after events, that a small child can disappear in seconds.

It’s so easy to get seperated from your child at Disney.

So easy, in fact, that it happened to us when we visited Walt Disney World for the first time. While watching the Frozen themed transformation of the Cinderalla castle on our very first evening my then 7 year old daughter took off into the crowd for a better view. 

Even with 3 adults looking after 3 kids it still happened.

Luckily we found her realatively quickly and entirely unharmed. She had managed to wiggle her way to to the front of the crowd. Now, at 11, she’s painfully shy. Go figures.

What do you do if your child goes missing in disney?

  1. The first step is “don’t panic” which is much easier said than done. Just like any situation, though, you’ll be smarter and more able to find your child if you remain calm.
  2. Alert all the nearby cast members you can find. This is especially important if you were in a store. Ask those near exits if they’ve seen your child.
  3. Ask others for help. You might not want to advertise your child is missing but most other parents and families will be willing to help. 
  4. Don’t leave your location to go looking for your child. If you do, make sure someone knows where you’ve gone. Have one adult from your party remain, if possible.
  5. If your child is found by another cast member and they’re old enough to communicate, they will likely help the child look around for their parents. If not, they are taken to the baby care station inside the park.

My daughter who ran into the crowd was found by a cast member and brought back to our location. The cast member was very kind and no one made a big deal about the situation. 

Disneyland and Walt disney world are relatively safe places

In fact, there hasn’t been a single documented kidnapping in either of the parks. Missing children generally end up with happy endings, thankfully. Still, it’s important that parents stay vigilant and use preventative measures to keep kids safe.