Now that Halloween is over Disney Emoji Blitz has a brand new update for you to enjoy. Collect magic spell books to defeat Maleficent and earn prizes. Better do it quick – you only have until Friday, November 11th to collect them all.

Each time you defeat Maleficent you open a chest and earn a prize. There are 15 stops along the way.

The number of spell books it takes to defeat Maleficent changes each time, starting at 15.

Magic spell books will randomly appear as you play. Collect them the same way you collect everything else in the game – by getting them to the bottom.

As you play Maleficient will attack you with brambles. Clear emojis in order to make them disappear. Any emojis hidden behind the brambles cannot be cleared until they’re gone.

If you want to defeat Maleficent faster you can use Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey. Unfortunately he can only be found in the Diamond Box.

Diamond Boxes cost 200 gems to unlock and you still have a chance of getting the two other Disney Emoji that are hidden inside (The Geenie and Tinkerbell). There’s no other way to get¬†Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey.

Don’t worry, though. You can still use your regular Emoji to defeat Maleficent – it’s just going to take longer.